Paolo Gigli

Paolo Gigli Perfumes are becoming famous in the world. The materials are stunning for us to be proud of yourself to wear the Perfume.

Also, the family name, Gigli is meaning, “Lily” the very famous flower in English. As you know, Lily has strong flagrance for itself. Additionally, the Lily mark is the symbol mark of the city, Florence, in which the Paolo Gigli Perfumes main office is and, as the mark of Medici Family from 15 ac.

As you know, Medici family business was started as doctors and medical care professionally. Then, they became to sustain European Beautiful Culture, not only for painting pictures but also the oldest type of perfumes and brought them, when Catherine de Medici in French, her Italian name is Caterina di Lorenzo de Medici wen to French to get marriage with Henri II de France and spread the fantastic fragrance water out around the high class people in French. Medici Family knows well how to create such miracle water in the old days because, they had enough knowledge of the chemical matters as doctors and medical professional families how important the fragrance is needed for people and good flagrance effects on people’ mind and health. Also, the cotton box of the color is connected to such history and making your mind more stable and rich. So, not only materials but also the containers have specific history and meaning. I hope you like the combination.

Also, probably you know the name of “eau de Cologne.” In the world, the eau de Cologne is the oldest perfume made in Germany, which you know. However, the creator is not Germany, and not French, but he is a Italian man. And, after a war at that time, around 17ac, the solders of French brought back the Cologne’s Water to their home town, in French.

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So, all perfume origins are goes back to Italy and especially to Florence. So, the Lily’s mark is fantastic mark as the symbol of Perfume and Medici.
And, yes, Lily itself has good power to heal your heart.
Thus, Mr. Gigli is a very unique sir name and we should be the perfume maker according to such histories.

Thank you very much for reading and your time. I look forward to enjoying our products.




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